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  • 03-06-2015

    Abitibi Geophysics launches first magnetometric drone

    Abitibi Geophysics presented the industry's first drone magnetic surveys in late April, called Aerovision. Read the full article on 'Les Affaires' website, french version available only ...


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Imagine the pride in finding a mine

Abitibi Geophysics is dedicated to providing the highest quality geophysical data collection, processing and interpretation to help our clients find precious and base metals, diamonds, uranium and other mineral resources.  We have built an international reputation over 28 years through innovative developments and by delivering competitively priced top-quality products safely and on time.

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Our case study tool: what geophysics has discovered over the years

To help our customers get a view on what geophysics has discovered throughout the world in situations similar to theirs, we have created the «Case Study Tool» accessible on our website.

»» Time-Domain Electromagnetics yes yes
»» InfiniTEMRegistered - Deep TEM yes yes
»» Frequency-Domain Electromagnetics yes no
»» Resistivity / Induced Polarization 2D & 3D yes yes
»» Gravity / GPS yes yes
»» Magnetics yes yes
»» Gamma-ray Spectrometry yes yes
»» Borehole Logging no yes
»» Interpretation yes yes
Terrascope Transmitter