InfiniTEM® XL More Power for Deeper Exploration

Several years ago, Abitibi geophysics introduced the InfiniTEM loop system, which is optimized for coupling with deep, sub vertical conductors and exploring under conductive cover. Many targets were confirmed by drilling and the success of the InfiniTEM configuration is recognized worldwide.

Significant enhancements to the InfiniTEM system’s power and range of investigation have been made recently.  The new system, named InfiniTEM XL, achieves four times the dipole moment of the traditional InfiniTEM system. This significant increase in dipole moment yields an increased depth of exploration. The InfiniTEM XL configuration may be used for surface or borehole surveys.

4 times

The dipole moment for an increase in exploration depth


Increased lateral range of exploration, allows increased line spacing when searching for large and/or deep bodies.


Opportunity for rapid reconnaissance at wider line and station spacing