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Abitibi Geophysics Head Office

1740 ch. Sullivan 1400
Val-d'Or, QC, Canada J9P 7H1
Phone: (819) 874-8800
Fax: (819) 874-8801

Abitibi Geophysics Atlantic Office

P.O. Box 1210
Goulds, Newfoundland, Canada A1S 1H3

Phone: (709) 738-3355
Fax: (709) 738-3354

Abitibi Geophysics Thunder Bay Office

1100 Russell Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 5N7
Phone: (807) 346-9254
Fax: (807) 346-9257

Pierre Bérubé, President

Phone: (819) 874-8800
Fax: (819) 874-8801
1746 ch. Sullivan
Val-d'Or, QC, Canada J9P 7H1

  • « Geophysics has contributed to the discovery of major mines in the past. Imagine what we can do together with our improved quipment and methodologies. »

    Pierre Bérubé, President

  • « My background is in geology and exploration. I find the best cartography tools for the field teams to do their job and I ensure that final maps are standardized so that interpretation is presented to our customers clearly. »

    Carole, Technician, Geophysics Mapping

  • « As the publisher of the final report, I am committed to meeting deadlines and to ensuring the accuracy of information in each report. »

    Marjorie, Technical Secretary

  • « We purchase the best equipment on the market. We then adapt, optimize and harmonize that equipment to achieve the company's vision by taking full advantage of new methodologies developed by geophysicists. »

    Jonathan, Engineering Division

  • « I develop software that allows geophysicists to analyze the quality of the data coming from the field - we are very focused on quality control. »

    Sergio, Analyst Programmer

  • « In my opinion, an innovative organization fosters human resources development as well as technological advances. That's what I found at Abitibi Geophysics. »

    Richard, General Manager

  • « My job is to keep our suppliers happy and in return, we get good service. »

    Lyne, Payroll Clerk

  • « I put together the team, coordinate the warehouse and field teams and maintain contact with customers. In ground geophysics, success comes from the grass roots. My priority is always the safety of my teams. »

    Denis, Survey Manager

»» Time-Domain Electromagnetics yes yes
»» InfiniTEMRegistered - Deep TEM yes yes
»» Frequency-Domain Electromagnetics yes no
»» Resistivity / Induced Polarization 2D & 3D yes yes
»» Gravity / GPS yes yes
»» Magnetics yes yes
»» Gamma-ray Spectrometry yes yes
»» Borehole Logging no yes
»» Interpretation yes yes
Terrascope Transmitter