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Join a company based in a world class mining camp, where you'll be encouraged to showcase your full potential on a variety of projects worldwide. Enjoy the benefits of an expanding business with many opportunities for advancement. Become a professional using the state-of-the-art technology. Our working environment encourages juniors to quickly acquire a great wealth of experience from seniors willing to share theirs.

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Opportunities at Abitibi Geophysics

Field CrewJoin our Field Crew

  • « A team leader is someone who is happy even if his boots are filled with water! My main responsibility is to ensure that the quality of the data is excellent. One has to be resourceful because there are always surprises in the field. »

    Bruno, Team Leader

  • « Whatever is in front of us, we have to go! Cliffs, mountains, bugs - there is no 'going around' with a survey line. I chose this job because I enjoy the the challenge and the wilderness. »

    Scott, Operator

  • « I like to be outdoors all the time. People are friendly, easy to get along with. I've learnt a lot about geophysics. I don't see rocks and soil the same way now! »

    William, Operator

  • « I quickly realized that we are using modern equipment here. It's much lighter to carry! »

    François, Operator

Engineering Team/GeophysicsJoin our Engineering Team

  • « I came here to develop professionally. I was looking for a progressive environment and I am not disappointed - I get a lot of input from my peers. »

    Chris, Engineering Division

  • « Working for one of the largest ground geophysics companies in Canada means a great diversity in work and work opportunities abroad. We have the opportunity to work with the best available software and attend conferences. Training is ongoing. »

    Madjid, Senior Geophysicist

Electronics LaboratoryJoin our Electronics Laboratory

  • « Our scheduled maintenance program minimizes the possibility of faulty equipment going out into the field, which minimizes data errors and the number of lost work days. »

    Maxim, Electronics Technician

  • « We purchase the best equipment on the market. We then adapt, optimize and harmonize that equipment to achieve the company's vision by taking full advantage of new methodologies developed by geophysicists. »

    Jonathan, Engineering Division

Support TeamJoin our Support Team

  • « Abitibi Geophysics is a dynamic enterprise - just like me! My tenacity and bilingualism contribute to its success. »

    Jessica, Officer - Strategic Development

  • « Everything goes online. I make sure the network links between field teams and geophysicists are maintained so that data is handled in an efficient, timely manner. »

    Patrick, IT Programming

  • « It is not enough just to find talent. One has to allow that talent to develop. My job is to structure the sharing of expertise within the teams. »

    Guillaume, Human Resources Supervisor

  • « I was attracted by a company in expansion mode, a diverse team and people from different backgrounds. 'Routine' doesn't exist here! »

    Sophie, Supervisor - Accounting

  • « Ground geophysics requires excellent logistics. I care for the fleet of vehicles, the equipment and purchases. I negotiate priority service with suppliers. No one gets into Nunavut with a wire missing! »

    Lucien, Warehouse Supervisor

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