Abitibi Geophysics performs ground and borehole surveys in TDEM, FDEM, IP, Gravity, Magnetics and Gamma-ray Spectrometry. We provide a comprehensive service including survey design, data acquisition, processing, modelling/inversion, and interpretation. We can also assist you with the design or interpretation of your airborne surveys.

  • Innovative, state-of-the-art TDEM services. Quality data is the sum of many factors: Using the best receiver on the market – SMARTem24™ (EMIT); using the transmitter with the cleanest pulse – 18kW Terrascope®; achieving deep exploration– InfiniTEM®, and much more.
  • Induced Polarization innovation produces IPower3D®, an exclusive configuration that increases bedrock signal through deep conductive overburden.
  • H2H-3D-IP®, an innovation that achieves great borehole IP results, with a large radius of exploration and no blind spot at the bottom of the hole. Finally, a borehole IP that can see below the hole.
  • Gravity, very effective in detecting excess mass, is becoming more popular partly due to cost-effective GPS surveying and rapid, reliable data acquisition with the Scintrex CG-5 meter.
  • Borehole gravity surveys for mineral exploration are now available exclusively from Abitibi Geophysics using the Scintrex Gravilog® system.

Surveys are conducted by trained field crews. Quality control and analysis is undertaken by an experienced team of geophysicists with worldwide experience. We believe best-quality results are obtained by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, applying rigorous quality control and using robust inversion software to deliver thorough interpretations. The effectiveness of our solutions comes from applying innovation, quality, efficiency, and safety on all projects.

Finding a mine can be complicated. Choosing a geophysical services provider shouldn't be.

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