The principles of electromagnetism have not changed. Abitibi Geophysics, however, has found improved techniques to utilize these principles. With significant investments in R&D, we have developed innovative methodologies and instruments to optimize the effectiveness of our surveys. We offer TDEM solutions to address the full spectrum of exploration challenges, whether you need a conventional loop configuration or our deep exploration InfiniTEM®. Our trained and experienced staff will help you find a mine.

Applications in Mineral Exploration: TDEM

  • Detects geological conductors from surface (sulphide lenses, faults, shear zones, kimberlite pipes, etc.).
  • Detects conductors in and near boreholes.
  • Ground follow-up of airborne anomalies.
  • Brownfields: Detection of new bodies near existing deposits.
  • Greenfield: Reconnaissance using efficient loop configurations, wide line spacing and detailing decisions made in the field.
  • VMS: for a wide range of minerals, conductivities and environments.
  • Uranium: Map alteration, contacts and graphitic horizons.
  • Diamond: Map intrusions and alteration zones.
Your Requirements Our Solutions
  • 18 kW portable Terrascope® transmitter
  • Up to 30 A of current
  • 100 million Am² magnetic moment
  • 300% the power with Terrascope™ transmitter over conventional TDEM
  • Increased power generates stronger fields, allows rapid reliable data acquisition
Quality and Precision
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio due to clean transmitter pulse
  • 97.7% linear power shut-off ramp
  • SMARTem 24® (EMIT) receiver enables rigorous quality control of real-time data
  • Superior rejection of power line, sferic, VLF and telluric noise
  • Full wave-form recording of raw, window, and stacked window data
  • High reliability factor on all equipment; rugged enough for all weather and terrain conditions
  • 0.1 to 10,000 Hz base frequency
  • Conventional coil or Bartington fluxgate sensor
  • Measure ∂B/∂t or B-field during the off-time and on-time
  • Sensitive to a wide range of conductivities from poor conductors such as zinc to superconductors like nickel
Depth and Exploration
  • Up to 1000 m depth from surface
Radius of Exploration
  • Up to 500 m radial detection from borehole

Possible Configurations

Configurations Benefit Select the Most Effective System for your Environment
Conventional TDEM Configurations Out-of-loop Most efficient for borehole logging
  • Good coupling with vertical targets
  • Efficient for borehole logging
  • Decreasing the primary field strength as sensor moves away from transmitter loop
In-loop Exploration for sub-horizontal targets
  • Best coupling for sub-horizontal conductors
  • Very sensitive to conductive overburden
  • Reasonable coupling for all conductor orientations
  • Difficult to operate in wooded or rugged terrain
Our Exclusive Configuration
InfiniTEM® I and II

To explore deeper

To overcome overburden

  • 100 million Am2 magnetic moment
  • Explore to depths > 1,000 m
  • Maximum coupling with sub vertical targets
  • Low sensitivity to conductive overburden
  • More than 6,000 km & 400 boreholes surveyed, interpreted and successfully drilled!
  • Increased successes in borehole due to increased radius of detection
  • Cost-effective: Explore a larger area with each reading due to the increased lateral and depth penetration
  • For reconnaissance surveys decrease cost by increasing the line spacing without loss of lateral exploration effectiveness

Supplied Products

  • X, Y, Z date profiles
  • Contour maps of the integrated windows for X and Z
  • TDEM data in the AMIRA format
  • 3D modelling of the most promising targets (optional)
  • Modeling, inversion and interpretation: 3D inversion for accurate location of drill targets

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