Acoustic Optical Televiewer

Acoustic optical televiewer data plays a crucial role in modern exploration and geotechnical applications, offering unique insights that traditional methods often cannot deliver. It provides high-resolution data of the borehole wall images, enabling more efficient and informed decision-making across various exploration and geotechnical applications. This technology supplies data on soil, rock, and structural features in a cost-effective way. Its versatility provides critical geological insights in complex environments.

Optical televiewer:

The optical component of the televiewer achieves high-resolution imaging suitable for lithological, mineralogical, and structural analyses in exploration and geotechnical applications. This detailed visual data helps in mapping structural complexities and understanding the distribution of different rock types and their boundaries.

Acoustic televiewer:

In scenarios where traditional optical methods encounter limitations—such as in water-saturated environments—the acoustic functionality of the televiewer becomes indispensable. It measures rock-fluid contrast and borehole diameter, ideal for stress analysis and casing inspection.

The applications of acoustic optical televiewer data are diverse and impactful:

  • Mineral exploration: Particularly valuable in instances where core recovery is challenging or expensive. With the rise of cost-effective RC drilling methods that often destroy core samples, televiewer data becomes a preferred method for post-drilling analysis, aiding in mineral resource evaluation and mine site planning.
  • Geotechnical needs: Structural geology assessments benefit greatly from televiewer data, helping to identify key geological features relevant to site characterization and hazard assessments.
  • Coal exploration: In coal exploration, televiewer data assists in determining coal seam thickness and continuity, optimizing drilling efforts and resource estimation.

Image description

Our QL40ABI et QL40OBI Acoustic and Optical Televiewer System

  • Captures 360° 3D images of borehole walls.
  • Depth capacity of 1000 meters with motorized winch.

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