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Abitibi Geophysics' constant improvement and innovation of its geophysical services helps its customers with smarter exploration strategies. The mining industry needs more discoveries to meet the global demand for minerals. In recent years, the discovery ratio has been inverse to exploration spending. We believe that the exploration industry needs innovation to help it find more mines.

OreVision® 2D & 3D IP

Our proprietary ground IP technology extends the depth of conventional IP without losing near surface resolution. Advancements in our equipment is what enables our geophysicists to eliminate 99% of human error while collecting the data. State-of-the-art technology allowing investigation under conductive overburden.

TerraScope® Transmitter TDEM

Developed by our instrumentation division, this TDEM transmitter is capable of delivering up to 15 kW of power with a stable pulse and 97% linear off ramp. This improves signal to noise, and increases the depth of exploration.


Discover the ARMIT 3. A unique probe that increases the efficiency of your geophysical exploration surveys.


The smartest way of performing borehole IP, explore beyond the hole depth, expand your investigation volume and get a true 3D inversion in between your borehole.

InfiniTEM® XL

We modified the InfiniTEM® configuration to create InfiniTEM® XL, 4 times more power which allows an increase in the depth of exploration, in lateral range of exploration, and in the exploration effectiveness.


The first and only slim hole gravity survey service. Detects and estimates the tonnage of massive sulphide with only one borehole and reduces the amount of drilling required to do so. Detect off-hole density anomalies without the use of radioactive sources.


This patented TDEM transmitter loop detects subvertical conductors. This technology minimizes coupling with the conductive overburden so that conductors can be detected up to 1000m deep.

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