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Lac Herbin


Hole to hole


Lac Herbin is a small lode gold deposit located within a batholith.


Fourteen hole-pairs were surveyed using Hole-to-Hole-IP and the data was inverted using Image3D. Two outstanding off-hole anomalies were mapped.

The large off-hole anomaly, on the far left, is a complex expression of the Dumont gold-bearing zone located north of the Aurbel property combined with a cultural contribution from underground mine relics. The sources of this anomaly were differentiated by the time constant.


The off-hole anomaly, on  the bottom right, is located below the borehole.

It has subsequently been drill-tested. A zone with pyrite, pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite has been intersected from 804 to the end-of-hole at 1085 meters.