Joe Lake

L’importance de la configuration de la boucle.

Joe Lake is a small Cu-Ni deposit located in the Sudbury Igneous complex, Canada.

A small surface deposit had been known for some time at Joe Lake. In order to further explore this deposit, a deep penetrating TDEM survey was conducted. The deposit was known to have a shallow dip, so the survey was conducted using the in-loop configuration to provide optimal primary field coupling.

The resulting profiles showed broad, positive peaks, typical of a shallow dipping conductor.

Late channel responses are due to the lake above the deposit.

The early channels show the presence of the conductive ore body beneath the lake. Modeling indicates that the top of the conductor lies between 375 m and 425 m below the surface.


The first drill hole (W-17) at Joe Lake intersected stringer to semi-massive sulphide at vertical depth of 420 metres and assayed 1.59% Ni and 0.39% Cu.

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