L'optimisation de l'exploration par la méthode EM en trou de forage.

The Lemoine property is located in the Chibougamau Mining Camp, northwestern Quebec, Canada.

The property is host to a small Zn, Cu, Ag, Au VMS deposit.

The historical drilling approach at Lemoine, was to drill perpendicular to favourable stratigraphy. Down Hole EM surveys conducted in these holes would test only a small portion of the prospective horizon and many holes would be required to fully explore the region of interest.

Starting with known geology and the effective radius of investigation of the DHEM, a compilation of remaining potential along the favourable contact was completed.

With the objective of maximizing the chance of a discovery while minimizing costs, a new approach was proposed. A deep-hole, sub-parallel to the stratigraphy, would allow Down Hole EM testing of the favourable horizon for the full length of the hole.

The Down Hole EM survey results indicate an off-hole conductor.

Follow-up drilling targeted the anomalous zone and intersected a network of very conductive stringer zones.

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