La gravimétrie, magnétométrie et l’électromagnétisme dans le domaine des fréquences travaillent conjointement pour définir un dépôt.

The Stratmat deposit is a 5.5 Mt Zn rich VMS deposit located in the Bathurst Mining Camp of New Brunswick, Canada.

A FDEM (HLEM, MAX-MIN I-9) survey was conducted using a coil separation of 100m and frequencies of 444, 1760, 7040 and 14080 Hz.

Conductivity thickness values of 1 to 2 ohms were calculated reflecting the low conductivity of the sphalerite rich deposit.

A ground magnetic survey recorded a positive magnetic anomaly indicating that the source is both conductive and magnetic.

A gravity survey outlined the Stratmat sequence. The broad anomaly with no short wavelength features indicates that the deposit has limited depth extent or is flat-lying.