Frequency-domain Electromagnetics

The EMH / EMV is a low-cost electromagnetic solution for mapping shallow conductors.

Survey parameters

  • The geological environment as well as the conductivity of the overburden are factors to consider when choosing frequencies and receiver-transmitter separations.
  • Measurements are usually taken at intervals equal to one quarter of the receiver-transmitter distance.
  • The in-phase and quadrature components of the vertical magnetic field are measured.
  • Instruments: MaxMin I (9 frequencies) coupled to an Apex MMC electronic notebook

Products delivered

  • Map of superimposed profiles of the in-phase and quadrature components for each frequency

Relatively inexpensive and simple to execute. Multiple frequencies and receiver-transmitter separations available.

No electrodes, can be used in a multitude of environments (sand, gravel, outcrops, permafrost)

Easy and precise quantitative interpretation (conductor location, depth, dip and conductance).