Nickel RIM Discovery

Le système FARA a contribué de manière significative à délimiter la zone du gisement de nickel.

The FARA system made a significant contribution to define the boundaries of the Nickel Rim Deposit. The survey was performed from the central borehole MAC100 that intersected the main ore body, to different boreholes drilled around it. The FARA system was able to determine the shape, angle and thickness using two boreholes where only one of the boreholes intersected the deposit.

The FARA results were used to construct the final model of the deposit. The FARA radio imaging system is now available in Canada through Abitibi Geophysics to help you:

  • Find new unexplored objects
  • Define the discovered bodies
  • Contour the mineralized zones
  • Recognize new features of the discovered mineralization
  • Identify heterogeneities inside the mineralization

The transmitter goes down into the borehole and radiates electromagnetic energy. The receiver goes down the other borehole and receives the signal as it moves through the borehole. In cases where there is the presence of a conductive object, the rays of electromagnetic energy are attenuated when passing through this object.