InfiniTEM® détecte une cible conductrice en profondeur, car elle génère un fort champ primaire horizontal qui couple parfaitement avec le VMS à fort pendage.

The Coulon property is located within a barely explored archean volcanic belt. Its features are characteristic of a belt fertile with volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits. Lens 43 is a sub-vertical polymetallic body of moderate conductivity discovered using InfiniTEM®.

Virginia Mines drilled this new InfiniTEM® target and discovered Lens 43 at a depth of 120 metres (4.58% Zn, 1.37% Pb, 57.14 g/t AG and 6% Cu over 3.5 m).


A 2003 helicopter-borne EM survey (blue stacked profiles) highlighted several conductors, including Lens 44. The 2006 InfiniTEM® survey (gridded colour map) shows a strong anomaly on Lens 44, plus another intriguing target to the south west.

An InfiniTEM® anomaly led to the discovery of Lens 43. This mineralization was not detected by a helicopter TDEM survey.