Des levés en PP et en électromagnétisme domaine du temps (TDEM) détectent un dépôt de nickel à faible pendage situé sous des latérites.

The Edwin deposit is located near Kambalda, Western Australia.

The massive sulphide Nickel ore, is found at the contact of the foot wall mafic rock and the hanging wall ultramafic flows.

The Edwin deposit is flat lying and covered by conductive laterite soil.

The conductive laterite soil at Edwin presents an exploration challenge.

A TDEM survey was conducted using a 60m transmitter loop. The survey detected a single-peak anomaly, which it interpreted as a horizontal conductor.

An Induced Polarization / Resistivity Survey was unable to detect the conductive signature of the deposit due to the high conductivity of the laterite and hanging wall sediments. The IP survey did, however, detect the chargeability signature of the deposit.