Ground TDEM

The principles of electromagnetism have not changed. However, Abitibi Geophysics has developed new techniques to better utilize these principles in mining exploration. We offer TDEM solutions that best meet the exploration challenges. Whether you need a conventional loop configuration or your situation requires the increased power of two or three loops, our trained and experienced staff will help you find a mine.

Applications in mineral exploration:

  • Detection of conductors from the surface (sulphide lenses, faults, shear zones, kimberlites, etc.).

  • Field tracking of airborne survey anomalies.

  • Brownfield: prospecting periphery of existing deposits.

  • Greenfield: Recognition surveys through the use of effective loop. configurations, wide spacing lines and detailed field decisions.

  • VMS: for a wide range of minerals, conductivities and environments.

  • Uranium: mapping of alteration horizons, contact zones and graphite horizons.

  • Diamond: Mapping of intrusion and alteration zones.

Power: Portable TerraScope® 18kW transmitter, up to 30A current. 300% more power.

Quality and accuracy: Improved signal-to-noise ratio, 97.7% linear ramp (transmitter). Very low noise level of our SMARTem24® receiver (EMIT). Measure B-field and dB/dt in a single pass on all three axes (X, Y, Z) with our ARMIT-3 probe.

Our exclusive configuration: InfiniTEM and InfiniTEM XL to deeply explore sub-vertical conductors. To counter the masking effect of the conductive overburden. OmniVision to maximize the detection and definition of conductors of any dip (sub-vertical and sub-horizontal).

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