OmniVision TDEM surveys

Several years ago, Abitibi Geophysics introduced the InfiniTEM single loop system followed by the InfiniTEM XL double loop system. Most recently we presented the OmniVision three loop configuration; a revolution in Ground TDEM and Borehole TDEM geophysical surveys. This multi-loop system provides optimal coupling to maximize the detection and definition of conductors of any dip (sub-vertical and sub-horizontal) throughout the survey area. 

It is designed to resolve complex geological settings and is excellent for diamond, VMS, Uranium, and Magnetic Ni-Cu-PGE exploration.  

It uses our ARMIT-3 sensor and our TerraScope transmitter, making OmniVision powerful and easy to transport; ideal for exploration at depth in highly vegetated areas. Data are simultaneously obtained by using transmitter synchronization, multiplexing switch technology, and signal superposition. 

  • Benefit from in-loop, out-of-loop, and InfiniTEM XL readings in a single survey. 

  • Identify weak to strong conductors (dB/dt & B) in one pass with the ARMIT-3 sensor.  

  • Suitable for the discovery of new targets at depth (up to 1 km), or that are undercover. 

Note that we can also run conventional (DeepEM and moving loop) surveys.

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