Gravilog™ - Gravity probe

The Gravilog™ drilling gravimetry probe is a powerful diagnostic tool that complements our solutions in electromagnetism and induced polarization. Any "in-hole" or "off-hole" anomaly can be tested to determine if a high density volume corresponds to it. A judicious use of gravimetry in drilling saves time and money.

  • Detection of mass excesses: massive sulphides, chromite ore, stockworks, barite deposits, etc.

  • Detection of mass deficit: coal, lignite, salt deposits, placers, karst, etc.

  • Differentiate from conductors with a mass anomaly (eg graphite vs sulphides)

  • Indicate an absence of excess mass (graphite band) or a deficit of mass (zones of alteration, crushing or fracture).

  • Detect and evaluate tonnage of massive sulphide clusters (eg VMS), irrespective of their shape.

  • Obtain the intrinsic density of the formations intersected by the hole.

  • Introduce constraints for 2D / 3D inversion of a surface gravimetric survey.

  • Gives a quantitative assessment of the contents.


Gravilog contributes to the detection of excess mass: massive sulphides, chromite ore, stockworks, barite deposits, etc. and gives a quantitative evaluation of the grades.

Abitibi Geophysics is the only company authorized by Scintrex to offer the Gravilog.

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