AeroVision Airborne Geophysics (Drone-MAG)

This airborne geophysics technology offers low altitude surveying while acquiring high-resolution magnetic data at regular intervals for a fraction of the cost of the ground magnetics. Its on-board collision avoidance system is integrated with the data acquisition and navigation systems to fly a low-level constant terrain clearance survey (of 5 m), while avoiding the occasional obstacle (tall tree) since the drone will detect the obstacle and automatically fly over it. It is real-time QC monitoring of magnetic data and navigation system.

AeroVision is a proven geophysical prospecting and mapping method that has flown thousands of line km’s. It is the best solution for performing surface magnetic surveys in remote environments. The low flight altitude reduces near surface noise while maintaining a high resolution and a smooth and consistent coverage which helps to create accurate 3D inversion models.  

10x faster

Acquisition 10 times faster with aeromagnetic survey than with surface mag.


Maintains a spatial resolution of 1 m and remains low to the ground at a lower cost than surface mag.


No line cutting required, low altitude flight, and maximizes smooth flight path in the presence of obstacles.