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IP Inversion Provides Important Information about both Structure and Mineralization.


The Century deposit is located in NW Queensland, Australia and is hosted by flat-lying siltstone and shale units. Mineralization occurs within black shale units as fine grain sphalerite and galena and is associated with bitumen-rich beds.

Century is the second largest mine by revenue in Australia.

A dipole-dipole Resistivity / Induced Polarization survey was completed using a configuration of n=1 to 7 with an a spacing of 100 m.

A 2D Inversion of the resistivity data nicely delineates the resistive overburden; however, resistivity does not correlate with mineralization.

A 2D Inversion of the IP data delineated the horizontal extent and depth of the ore body. It also indicated a major fault which dislocates the ore sequence

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