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3D modeling of gravity at a semi-regional scale can lead to new discoveries.

Itapororoca is located in the northeast of Brazil

The area is covered by tertiary sediments and alluvium.

In 1975 an airborne magnetic survey detected a circular anomaly, suggestive of a volcanic intrusive.

In order to explore the anomaly a Semi-regional gravity survey was conducted, revealing a negative gravity anomaly.

Subtraction of the regional gravitational field revealed the residual field and negative 8mGAL anomaly coincident with a localized aeromagnetic anomaly and with hydrothermally altered outcrop.

2.5 D modeling of the data along 4 profiles was used to estimate the volume of the deposit.

The results of 3D modeling indicate that the intrusion extends to a depth of 8.5 km and has a total volume of 23 km3