Abitibi Geophysics has a full range of geophysical services to offer the best solution for any type of mineralization.

Surveys are conducted by trained field crews. Quality control and analysis is undertaken by an experienced team of geophysicists with worldwide experience. We believe best-quality results are obtained by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, applying rigorous quality control, and using robust inversion software to deliver thorough interpretations. The effectiveness of our solutions comes from applying innovation, quality, efficiency, and safety on all projects.

Integrated Geophysical Services

In addition to geophysical services, we also offer interpretation services using industry leading inversion and modeling software. We can also assist you with survey design, quality control, project management and field work execution.

  • Survey design.
  • Quality Control.
  • Project management.
  • Field work.
  • Ground and borehole data interpretation and drilling recommendations.
New Techniques for Mining Explorations

The principles of geophysics have not changed. However, Abitibi Geophysics has developed new techniques to better utilize these principles in mining exploration. With substantial investments in R&D, we have developed innovative methodologies and more efficient instrumentation to increase the efficiency of the surveys. We offer solutions that better meet exploration challenges. Whether you need a conventional survey or your situation presents new challenges, our trained and experienced team will help you find the right technique for your project.